Apple, ok, I quite like your codecs

Spent the day working on iOS codec’s again. This time got the better of them. So now support ima4, m4a and Apple lossless. Got lots of stuff still to tidy up, but it’s further to the end than the beginning. Next week I may take a break and look at some PS3 work that’s been looming in the back of my mind for a while (and the boss has noticed).

Went to the gym after buying crickets (I have lizards, will post pictures one day), ran 45 minutes at 8 miles an hour. Now my calf’s have seized up, I think the only thing that will unseize them is lubrication, in the form of wine.

In server news I set up yet another one of my eBay PC’s with Ubuntu and installed iPerf. This one is called iPerf2. I’m still getting 943mBps throughput. I also got hold of a cygwin version of iperf, so tested on Windows boxes, got around 840mBps. On my netbook though through wi-fi I’m only getting about 16, so need to investigate that further.

Oh and it’s raining again.

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