Bye bye proxy

My trusty (and almost reliable) mail / web / print / ftp server has been decommissioned. After probably about ten years of pretty good service. It’s got through three fans, two hard disks and completely knackered the on/off and reset switches. It was built into a small Mini-ITX box running a VIA EPIA processor. Had the power of a digital watch and ran Windows 2000. Also installed were Argo Soft Mail server pro, Ability FTP server, Zone Alarm (remember that?) and various other bilge. Alas it was time to say good bye. It’s now been replaced by my shiny old Pentium 4 small form factor PC, running Ubuntu with all secure email using SSL & TLS. The internet and mail security has moved on in ten years, that server hadn’t had an update in about the last five. Microsoft stopped doing security updates years ago, only AVG ever got updated. Now it’s gone I may get round to repairing the switches on it and try and find it a new lease of life somewhere.

I spent the day on PS3 playing around with Anti Aliasing, I think I’ve finally convinced myself that true msaa x4 is far better than mlaa, but may be smaa is the future…

I went to the gym, did BodyPump and then managed 25 minutes of running afterwards. So I think that deserves at least half a bottle of wine. The car is allegedly being repaired next week. Although I’m not entirely convinced that the body shop has a bloody clue what they are doing.

I’m already on the wine, so must be bath time.

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