pfSense – yet again

So today was mainly taken up with scaling GUI’s, not the most exciting thing in the world. I did eventually move back on to my codec’s and now got the m4a Apple Lossless codec working on PC.

Went to the gym and did combat. The guy behind me looked like he’d been in a swimming pool by the end of it. I’d hardly broken into a sweat, which means I’m either extremely fit or I’m just not trying hard enough.

Then moved back to pfSense. What I wanted to test was connecting the server to the DMZ and then the WAN (well local LAN) to WAN1. Therefore hoping that the two routed public IP’s would go across my bridge. To cut a long story short I couldn’t see anything from my public IP’s on the firewall logs until I rebooted the server. Then magically it all started working. I need to do a few more tests to make sure all rules are working correct and broadcast traffic isn’t going to the WAN.

No wine tonight, just lots of tea.

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