pfSense – round 67 (Or that’s what it feels like)

So the day started well, I took the woof for a two hour walk. Weather started out miserable but I started sweating buckets as the sun finally decided to show it’s face. It defo wasn’t woolly hat weather.

Got back and did the garden poo run, emptied the kitchen compost and refilled the bird table. I then preceded to have the standard Sunday lunch of two boiled eggs, while I read the paper.

Then it was time to venture out to the front garden again. I’m slowly trying to clear a hedge. Slowly being the operative word. I had a tree stump in my path and three hours later it was finally out.

Then on to the next job….pfSense firewall. Well this one’s been on going for a while. So after the strange firewall error from last time I decided to reinstall from scratch. First thing I did was set up one of the spare NIC’s as a backup emergency access for when I inevitably locked my self out of the web config. This time I set up all the bridged lans as ‘none’ and then created the bridge and assigned that to LAN. After some playing with the server firewall it all actually started working. So I’ll leave it there for this evening. Next job is to create a proper set of firewall rules.

And now bath time (I’m already on the wine, but digging was hard work), then I’m going to watch the Olympics closing ceremony.

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