And now I’m dreaming about pfSense firewall rules…

Spent most of the day trying to write out an m4a file, which is more problematic than it first seemed. M4A/MP4 is one of those lovely encapsulation formats designed by the mpeg people. Which means is very complex, over engineered but very flexible.

Ended up using a massive lib that supports stuff like album cover art. I’ll get it all to work first then strip all the crap out. Tomorrow I’ve got some work on another mobile project to do.

Walked the dog, fed the dog, which is considerably more than Jamie ever manages.

Decided to play with pfSense again before I went to the gym. I now have (hopefully) all the firewall rules set up, plus all the gateways and the load balancing stuff. Reset the DHCP server and now ready for some live testing I guess. Next step is to set up the Draytek on PPoE and see what works (probably not much). By the time I finished piddling about I left late for the gym, so only did half an hour, but still got out the house.

Again a wine free evening, but I did have some cake.

And oh yes, last night I did dream about firewall rules, sad isn’t it.

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