It’s all about tea

Well, makes a change from pfSense I guess. Only breifly twiddled with that today to sort out a problem with Courier SSL certificates. Spent the bulk of the day working on these damn m4a files for Apple Lossless. Got a bit of a breakthrough, in now I actually have one that plays. Even managed to add the metadata to it, so it has a track name. Don’t think there’s too many more problems to go on it, so hopefully wrap it up soon.

Went off to the gym and did BodyPump, also did 40 minutes of running. I’m now breaking my no wine rule, by, well, having some wine. But hey, I’ve managed over 1200 calories today in exercise. So now it’s wine o’clock and bath time.

Here’s a little something Jamie found on an old backup. It was recorded for one of his podcasts about five years ok. It’s me ranting about my Mothers tea making skills. (Warning, contains a terrible Bristolian accent and bad language).


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