You need to go at my ass like your mining gold

Now I receive some odd text messages, but that one is quite strange. I suppose it’s also technically wrong as you pan for gold and mining is more for coal. Although ‘you need to go at my ass like your mining for coal’ probably doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Work wise, spent the morning on m4a (mp4) codec again, this time added the missing alac support (Apple Lossless), so now go to the stage where it can be passed to the decoder. Then got dragged off to look at some PS3 stuff. Ended up looking at an odd font problem, which turns out that scaling whole pixels by odd numbers is never really a good idea.

Car still holding together which is good. And what the fuck is the weather doing? I’m stuck in a room surrounded by computers and a PS3 that keeps over heating. Never mind I’m sure it will be back to rain soon enough.

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