Pak in Pak

And another unexciting week begins. Well it could get exciting I guess, wait and see.

So started off tracing a bug in the mobile update. Then played around with a few bits on it. Took dog out for a walk fairly early as I wanted to get a full afternoon in. Had lunch, it’s a chicken salad sandwich, it always is.

So back looking at Android in the afternoon. This was this pak inside a pak problem again. To recap, Android has all it’s data in an archive, I’ve already stopped archive data in the archive being archived. For the stupid amongst you that means nothing is stored compressed inside the main compressed file. Now I had all this working, but by god was it slow. After several hours I traced it to wonderful recursion, for every file it wanted to open inside the child archive it actually loaded the entire archive. So it looks like the solution is to get the file position in the parent archive and then open that as the child archive. The fun now is how to actually get that file position, which will require no doubt diving through a load of structures which will all be endian swapped. Still that’s fun for tomorrow.

Went to gym. Did Body Combat. Only one more before Christmas apparently. Came back, did another change to mobile game update. Sat down, ate salad. Cleaners coming tomorrow, boiler being done Wednesday. The excitement may never start.

2 thoughts on “Pak in Pak

  1. Well here is my day.
    Got up at 6.30 took Dan to school for 7.20 for school trip to Eden project, came home got ready for work. Sat there thinking shit its still early. Decided to go in early. Worked til 12 then went to the Orchard for Xmas dinner. Went back to work 2 hours later. Stayed in in work til 3.15 trying To stay awake after my big meal. Went home had a cuppa, told Connor off for getting another detention. Sent Shaun off to pick up Dan from his trip while Prepared their tea. Went to pump, came home, sorted kids choices for summer activities week, then did the washing, had a shower, had some crackers and cheese for tea, poured a glass of wine, put kids to bed then watched , mr and Mrs Jones’ on tv. Like a bit of clean cut Brad. Then went to bed completely knackered.

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