Today was bloody brass monkeys

So back to the Android pak in pak problem, which thankfully was fairly easily solvable in the end. So now it can load a compressed file from an asset file. Then it was on to more mobile update tweaks. Finally got on to doing some work on OsX, OpenAL, was an ass.

Today I waited in for the cleaners, after a couple phone calls they turned up just before five. Which means madam didn’t get her walk. So after they left I took her out and by god was it cold.

I had a follow up call to do for a dog, I quickly checked on the website and there it was, after six months the new owners returned him. This pissed me off somewhat, the dog was lovely, the owners however were a pain in the ass. That poor dog, which was in a nice home with what he thought were his forever family has now been taken back to the kennels where he will get to spend the next however many weeks in a cold kennel until he’s hopefully chosen again and has to go through all the trauma of trying to settle in again. Okay, his recall was a bit poor, he pulled on his lead and tended to bark a lot when left alone for eight hours at a time. Were you expecting the perfect dog? I hope you have a quiet dog free night.

Didn’t go to the gym. Had a bath. Had a glass of wine. Didn’t even eat salad, had something hot. Boiler being changed tomorrow.

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