OpenAL continues to be an ass, but iOS also presents some issues

So now the OpenAL saga continues. This time when testing on an iPod touch. As it has the power of a squashed tomato, I was getting buffer under runs when trying to decode about six MP3 tracks at once. So what happens when you get a buffer under run, well it queues the buffers as normal, and yes, marks all the bloody things as processed. So the work round for this was was to check the number of queued buffers, if that’s zero then call rewind, this resets the internal marker and every ones happy.

Sharing file handles between threads…on iOS don’t do it. It gets upset. Don’t open file on thread A, then read it using the same handle on thread B (they arn’t reading at the same time, it’s just opened on one then read on another). That threw me for quite a while as it was randomly working then failing. Still all sorted now. Now the next job is iOS hardware MP3 decoding.

In server news I’ve redone my apache configs to use the actual domain names now. Also added pop3 ssl in about 10 minutes, I’ve kind of got the hang of these things now. Final job on the server I think is to configure the UPS stuff, but can’t do that until it’s in place and can’t do that until I’ve reconfigured my mother (well her laptop mail setup).

I did head out on the bike, but by the time I got to the end of the road the weather looked very miserable, so took the dog for a walk instead. Now I’m going to have a bath and watch the Olympics opening ceremony.

The dog has a new pool. This is it before she probably ends up eating it.

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