Going nuts and avoiding cheese

So today I was finishing off this damn AAC codec and finally got it all working. So now it supports both ‘main’ and ‘low complexity’ objects and encodes them nicely. One oddity with AAC is that there is a single frame offset at the beginning, which means the encoder runs for a while before it outputs anything. Then at the end of it you have to call the encode multiple times to get it to spew all the data back out again. It also means that if you skip while decoding there is a discrepancy between the length it thinks it is and the length it actually is, that one I’m going to forget about.

I’m now in the process of tidying it all up. But almost done.

Then off to the gym and ran far too much, 49 minutes and 739 calories. Came back to moaning about wireless connectivity. I tried a few things but it’s working fine on my devices.

I then started play with NUT. This is the linux UPS handler thingy. I’m trying to get it to mail me when the power fails and its a pain in the ass to configure. There’s also another odd problem I’m now having, if the ethernet modem goes down and comes back up again, the pfSense box tries to log in to the modem dhcp address and not the wan ip. Oh the joys.

And yes, I’m craving cheese, been almost a week now. 3AM again, piddling about to much as normal.

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