More routing – It’s over there not there

Got up. That was an event in itself. Spent most of the morning, well the bulk of the day actually doing research into routing and trying to optimise the search of the mobile game. I looked at quite a few different ways of improving it, but most require additional trees and memory. That’s one thing I’m very short on, so ended up just tweaking heuristics. Still got a bit more to tweak and tidy up. Get a good run on it tomorrow I think.

Walked the dog, I think I’ve decided on our new winter route. This is mainly tarmac based due to bad flooding down the nature reserve.

Went to the gym, did Body Combat. Couldn’t really be arsed to do any further running.

Came back, did some more work. Also moved the server to it’s new case that arrived today. It looks very smart and eats about a third the power of the small form factor HP. All working okay. Next is to do something similar to the pfSense box.

Tried to get dog sick out of a carpet, that didn’t work.

Feeling very tired. Thing I’ll try and have an early night.

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