I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay

Started off this morning pruning a tree. I now have a garden full of said tree and no where to put it until the wheelie bin has been emptied. I reckon it’s a good two loads worth. Asked the neighbour if she minded if I cut one of the uprights out over her side so I could reach it, I got the response “Do want you need to do Tim, the things a pain in the bloody ass.”. I don’t think she minded.

After that we went up to Cribbs and walked round various toy-shops. Didn’t buy anything. One toy shop had a couple of storm troopers outside and a rather fat Jedi. Inside though there were quite a good number of cute male staff, far better quality than Toy’s R’us.

Came back, had lunch (boiled eggs, It’s a Sunday). Then Sarah and Shaun came round. We sat down and had coffee, followed by more coffee and chatted mainly bollocks about boilers, bathrooms, work, ailments, cars (breaking down rather than driving them) and dogs. Mainly as ours was trying to leap up and kill them.

Afterwords I got my new steamer out, steamed things. Tiles mainly. Then decided that wouldn’t it be great to clean the over door glass. The inside of it. Two hours later, half a tub of something I had sat in the back of a cupboard for ten years and said steamer, it’s now actually transparent. It’s something I’ll replace sooner rather than later anyway.

Then I briefly hoovered and played with gadget No.2, the carpet shampooer. This was great fun, the colour of the water when emptying the tank was darker than my soul.

Found the memory card with all my honeymoon photos on, so stuck those on the i-Mac, then finally got round to doing mothers photo album thing. That’s only been pending since June.

Was going to buy some shoes off Groupon, but they have sold out. You can never have enough shoes.

Set up the iPhone5. It’s an iPhone. It does stuff I’ll never use. Siri is quite amusing though, I said, “Tell me about sex with camels”, It did a Google search for ‘Sex with Carols’. Also rather amusingly I asked “Tell me who I am?”, it responded with, “I don’t know who you are, but you can set that info in settings.”. It did correctly tell me though what armadillos taste like, always essential info, when you end up in a Central American Synapsida restaurant and they have run out of Pizza.

Right, bath time. It will be nice next week to not have the entertain plumbers. Well it’s not like I put on a show or anything, I didn’t open the airing cupboard to Chris Tarrent sat on a stool, saying, “Just 15 questions between you and 3 litres of inhibitor.”. I digress.

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