Going from A to B

So started fairly early, well normal time, I just didn’t read BBC news for an hour first. So back on to routing, Al was moaning about a couple other frame rate cases. So did more research on HPA (a variation on A-star) but all involved building graphs and lots or preprocessing which I didn’t really have time to do. So came up with a simple solution which would involve a bit of manual work but would give me good results and importantly not use much memory. What I did was dump out the maps to a text file. Mark walk-able squares with a 0 and non walk-able with an X. Simples. Then manually went through the text files and grouped all the closed off areas, so for instance a closed off bit at the top of the map would be allocated section 1, then the next 2 etc. I had up to 16 areas that could be grouped. All I did then was add additional routing hints. So to go from one area to another you would just do 0:3:2; meaning to go from area 0 to area 3 you needed to go via area 2. All other areas could be disregarded in the A-star search. This reduced my maximum search nodes down to about a sixth of what it was. Total memory requirements…512 bytes. Ok, so manual editing, but it’s only a couple of maps, gives great results and only took about one mug of coffee per map.

Walked the dog. Finished work vaguely on time. Did a home check and went to the gym. Ran, only thirty eight minutes, on a short week this week. Did a home check for a kitten. Sat down and ate salad. Actually watched quite a bit of TV without any distractions.

Sasha is off to doggy day care far too early tomorrow morning. New cleaners starting. Need to order stuff for new pfSense box. New server seems to be running fine. Think I’ll have some fruit cake, may be a glass of wine and an early night.

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