Mann verses Android

So today was back battling with VC2010 and Android. Got the asset copy working and it wasn’t too much of a job (a couple of script changes) to get the F5 run working. Decided to take another look at the GDB debugger. That has a number of interesting issues. The first being that it’s actually in two parts, you have the GDB client that runs on the host and then the GDB server which runs on the target. So first you need to copy the gdbserver bin over to your lib directory on the Android tree. Then create and deploy your package. Once it’s installed you run it. This will create a user under the package name. You then need to run the server under the same user name as the package and attach it to the running process. This needs to be done or you get into all sorts of permission problems. Then you start the client and connect to the host. Managed to get that all working but still no source level debugging yet, I may look at a graphical front end for GDB tomorrow. I also added release build configs and finally checked it all in.

Walked the dog. Jamie had one of his LBF’s (Little Blue Friends) round, it was really sweet, they were playing Sonic games and comparing toys. I was going to take them milk and cookies so they had enough energy for group fapping.

Had a quote back about the boiler. I did a gas safe trace on the bloke and came up with nothing. Had an email back to say he uses a number of contractors….that’s all a little odd, will see how that pans out.

Sent a mail to the cleaners about starting soon, no reply yet. Went to the gym, ran for seventy five minutes. Torture porn night, so still no time to write up the butt cheek incident.

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