Boilers, Bypasses and overruns

Today I was rudely awaken by my mobile. It wasn’t my mother so I answered it. It was a boiler man who I emailed last night. So I actually started work at about 8:45 which is mostly unheard of. He turned up just after 9. Now this one is gas safe registered, asked all the right questions and actually looked in the airing cupboard. He gets a gold start for telling me it will need a pump overrun cable (which he said he’ll need to get an electrician to do, yawn, it’s about 8 feet, so if it’s any more than £20 quid he can piss off) and a pump bypass. And the dear old gas pipe upgrading to 22mm. All things that boiler man number one failed to grasp. Incidentally, boiler man number one has go back to me and said that he does all the work, then gets the gas safe man to connect the gas and check it all. I’m not sure I’m over keen on the work being done by someone who is not qualified, I wonder what the gas safe people have to say about that…..Anyway to appease him I sent a mail back saying that the boiler he is recommending is fine, but as I actually bothered to read the installation manual it will require a 22mm pipe, pump over run and bypass. The bypass you could possibly get away with as the mid-position valve will always free flow through at least one radiator as it’s possible the TRV’s will close down the others, but really for that to work 100% you would have to fit two lock shield valves to a small radiator, say a towel rail. I know sound like I know far too much about plumbing, well the same with anything in life, you can learn a hell of a lot from a book, after all that’s was education is mainly anyway, reading books. I’m not saying that you can learn anything in five minutes and become an expert, that takes years and then theirs experience to take into account. But I always think it’s wise on any type of job like this, just to do a bit of research. Don’t appear cocky or they’ll bump the price up, but don’t appear to be clueless or you will be royally fucked. Books these days of course have been replaced by Google, I don’t think I’ve come across a book titled ‘Now I’ve got a boiler’. Any way boiler man number three coming Tuesday evening and number four sometime next week. And then we have number five, my special one, British Gas. They phoned today from a nice call centre (the guy sounded about 12), just to make sure I was going to be in for the appointment so I can be bored to death by a salesman. I’m really quite looking forward to that one. I think in the end I just won’t bother and will wait for the bloody thing to go bang.

Work wise, spent the bulk of the day adding Android projects to our existing current apps. It’s quite a long process but got quite a bit of it done. Then fixed up a couple of issues on the mobile game.

Went to the gym, did Body Pump, followed by running for forty minutes. That then allows me to eat pizza, and drink beer.

Just trying to sort out an external USB drive for the server for backing up to when I change to the new unit. I found one which contains backups from 2006. I’m just consolidating them down and will archive them off, you never know when you want to look at a project you did six years ago….I’ve got backup CD’s here going back over twenty years…and no I’ve never bloody looked at them.

Need to do a home check tomorrow, it’s actually for one of the dogs that I did a check for before and now been returned…It’s an animal it has feelings, you didn’t buy it from QVC. Talking of which ours has finally settled down, she really doesn’t like fireworks.

Right, now it’s bath and wine time. Also time to phone my mother. There are advantages to doing this now, I can listen to the radio, read a magazine and get slowly pissed. She’s much easier to listen to after a few glasses of white. I’m not even going to mention the butt cheek incident (I mean on here, not to my mother, that’s just weird, we’ve never discussed bum sex either, I always thought of my Dad as a pure meat and two veg man, I’m sure kinky sex for him was taking his socks off).

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