Total trick or treater’s – zero. The Haribo is mine.

So still trying to convince Android to build on VC2010. Solved the link error, it was caused by link ordering issues. I tried editing all the scripts to wrap -Wl,–start-group libs -Wl–end-group but this didn’t help, so ended up including some of the libs again using additional dependencies. So now it builds and deploys to my phone. Final couple of things to sort out are the copying of assets in the build script. And then may be some GDB support, but we never had any to start with, so doubt we will miss it much. It still works fine with logcat anyway.

New motherboard arrived, so had a play with that. Got the old Proxy server case out, that has a 60W external PSU but the internal connector is a plane ATX and the board required an extra PCie 4 pin 12V connector. Also needed was a SATA power connector, so it was out with the soldering iron. Twenty minutes later the PSU had been converted and the board was powering up. So I removed the old 2.5 hard disk and replaced with the spare SSD drive. All powered up and bios set, it then amusingly tried to load Windows 7 from an i7 Intel quad core. It failed, unsurprisingly, but did try and recover its self, it failed again. But that’s hardly the point, I need to install Ubuntu on it and then restore a backup from the this server. Job for another day, but so far so good.

Had another boiler quote, this one was a bit strange, invited the guy to have a look, he just said it was a fixed quote, I don’t think I’ll bother with him. Also was given a card from a friend, did a trace on the number, it goes to no less than five plumbing company names. Another one I won’t be bothering with.

Will give the new cleaning company a call tomorrow and try and get that arranged for next week.

Lots of new t-shirts have arrived. I may take them out of the bags at some point. Walked the dog. Went to the gym and ran for seventy four minutes. Ate salad.

On the good news front I may be getting the money back I’m owed from about 18 months ago and my salary restored back to it’s existing level. I’ll believe it when it’s in the bank, but something positive anyway. On the bad news front, Jamie is still fat. Oh yes, there’s still that butt cheek incident….but out of time tonight.

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