I’ve enjoyed listening to your fire alarm for three days, by now I’m pretty certain there is no fire.

So the day started with trying to finish off a film I’d been watching all week but has now been removed by LoveFilm. Cheers guys, it was just getting to all the fun rapey scenes as well. Ended up watching some teen dram film thing after some fairly mediocre sex.

Got up and did the first job of the day which quite honestly now I can’t remember what it was, oh yes, sorting out some laptops. Did one. Had lunch. Walked the dog. Did the other. Then fiddled with the heating again, something is definitely screwed wiring wise or the 3 port is buggered as if the heating on the timer is off the boiler still kicks in if the room stat triggers. So tried balancing everything again with the lower pump speed, gave up when the house reached the temperature of the Sahara. I’ve now opened all the lockshields and have a flow drop of about 10 degrees, I think to be honest that’s about as good as I’m going to get, I may try it on it’s lowest speed, but I do want to avoid any pipe banging, plus there’s also the issue of boiler over heat if it can’t get shot of it fast enough. Anyway, something to play about with next week.

Oh, stomach seems pretty much back to normal today. Ass is still a little gassy. So bath and some wine I think.

Oh the Yankee Candle’s factory across the road, it’s fire alarm has been going non stop since Friday lunchtime, it’s now Sunday evening. I tried calling the police, who were as usual a complete waste of fucking time, it’s apparently the councils problem, considering all the run ins I’ve had with them in the past I’ll already rule them out as a complete waste of fucking time. So I found the number of the letting agents and left them a nice answer phone message for Monday morning. I am, not one, to piss off. Bath time.

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