Christmas must be coming, bum boys got a cold

Morning started slowly with editing Android batch files for arm7 directories to be correct. When that was out of the way, which took longer than expected due to the joys of DOS batch it was time for lunch. Sandwich duly made, I walked the dog, which of course was a cue for the heavens to open and we were pissed on.

Came back and got stuck into some interesting client / server type code, haven’t done that in many moons, made quite a pleasant day. Then went to the gym and did Combat, which was the new release, performed by Liz in a Santa hat.

Came back, ate salad. Watched multiple episodes of ‘The Hotel Inspector’, almost up to date on it now, not bad considering it was recorded in August. Still haven’t put the tree up yet, but Christmas must be getting pretty close as Jamie has yet another bloody cold. Meanwhile my body appears to have returned to pretty much normal.

In my quest for heating that works properly, I’ve now ordered a differential temperature thermocouple. Also I think the programmer is a bit buggered and the relay has jammed on the heating side, I need to pull the wiring centre apart and take some measurements.

Oh the fire alarm across the road… 8AM it was silenced.

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