I just spent the last hour touching up my friends

So spent the day mainly looking at an audio problem on iOS. As it was my last day before going on holiday I didn’t really look too hard, I knew near enough what the issue was. I have a better solution for it though when I come back. Also added a couple of extra AI bits for the game.

Went to the gym, did Body Pump. Didn’t run afterwards as I’m now officially in ‘holiday mode’. Just dug the suitcase out the loft and found the bag with the flip flops in. Tomorrow we’ll think about packing, then may be I’ll remember where I put all the details. I’m sure I’ve paid for the car park, but not sure where I put the info….may be I dreamt it. I didn’t, just looked it up on Purple Parking, so that’s sorted.

So off to Tesco’s tomorrow and pick up wine gums, spare wine gums and backup wine gums. And lots of chocolate biscuits. Also getting hair cut tomorrow, so that will remove all the protection from by bald spot.

Just spent the last hour or so touching up wedding photos as I still have a couple of photo books to do which I haven’t got round to yet. So that’s all of AndyG’s photos now done, still got hundreds to go through.

Definitely time for a bath and wine o’clock now though. Lots of last minute rushing about tomorrow no doubt.

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