Today I cut my hair, well it was done by someone qualified, not the council

So an early start to the day, to get the bonce done. Nice job and reasonable price. Then came back and took madam out for a couple of hours. See insisted on sniffing everything and pulling like mad so was glad to get back. Cleaned up the dog shit, filled bird table, gentle chit chat with neighbour about Cyprus.

Took dog to kennel, she didn’t seem particularly thrilled. Holly hedge sent me an email with all the previous home checks I’ve done, so I can do rechecks which is very good of them, as I kept no records, whoops.

Walked into town, bought a paper. So that’s a 14 mile round trip and two hours of walking for an evening post, it better be a riveting read.

Did the accounts, paid my car insurance. Unblocked my mother from Facebook, I may regret that. Found all the holiday paperwork and printed out the boarding cards. Now I guess it’s time to think about packing, shower and eat. Up at 4am, oh joy.

Typed this on my iPad. Not as torturous as I thought. Anyway, let’s get a hustle on.

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