A T-Shirt should last for seven days

So it was back on with VC2010 PS3 stuff today. The first issue was fairly easily fixed, but the second issue I came across took the rest of the bloody day. It came down to some confusing settings in VC2010. In the end it all worked. Now there are a load of changes to be done in the mobile game, some I don’t really agree with, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Still only one day to go then I’m off for the week anyway.

Now I’m a great believer in that a t-shirt should last the whole week. I change it on Friday’s when I do the washing. Ok, so this weeks t-shirt had done two Hyde Park festivals on fairly hot days. But today even I thought it probably needed changing after I was about to blame the dog for stinking when she was actually outside. Incidentally for a dog she doesn’t have any particularly bad smells, except when she farts of course. This slightly throws me out of sync now as this t-shirt will need to do an extra day.

Walked non-smelly dog. Did a home check for a Rottie, went to the gym and ran. Eaton salad. It’s torture porn night, so roll on the wine.

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