I was manly and dug garden then did BBQ – ugg

Ok, so got up perhaps a little later than I should have done. Took the dog for a two hour walk where she was mainly a pain in the ass barking at everything. I then cam back and cleared up the dog shit and the mass apple fall of the week. Proceeded to eat two slices of toast (no cheese), then continued my great gardening quest. Three and a half hours later the front hedge is now no more and it’s all flattened and seeded. I worked bloody hard on that garden. The back garden now contains half a ton of soil that I will need to slowly move into the green bin over the coming weeks. I also removed the old dog loo (she never used it anyway) and filled that in with some of the soil.

I then did the manly thing of doing the BBQ. None of this gas shit, this is charcoal and man who makes fire territory. Successfully downed two burgers and a couple of sausages together with some of Levi Root’s famous sauce. I’m now as they say somewhat knackered and about to have a bath and collapse, in the knowledge that I’ve done something constructive that didn’t involve Ubuntu or pfSense. I’m not sure eating an entire jar of pickled onions was a wise move though.

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