Documentary on funerals – are my TV viewing habits that strange?

So started working on getting our current multi-platform project building correctly on VC2010. After a few false starts I got it built and started working through various SPU problems. I did get most of it sorted by the end of the day. Didn’t touch anything else, so was a bit of an interesting distraction. Odd things may be happening at work…time will tell. I will take my usual stance of plod on until fired, which has served me well for 25 years.

Had a few casual looks at IDE’s for Ubuntu. I think there’s a couple I’m going to take a further look at when I get the Ubuntu machine set up (client machine, server is still all working fine).

I think I need to crack on and finish editing these wedding photos though. If I do about ten a day I should get them finished fairly soon. I then need to sort these photo books out.

Ordered a load of Kindle books for the holiday yesterday, including a couple of Linux manuals and ‘The Hunger Games’, so got that and a Clarkson to get through.

Went to the gym. Ran. Now watching, “Come Dine with Me”. Shortly I will watch a documentary about funeral directors. If people didn’t watch them then they wouldn’t make them. Mind you I’ve got a fairly macabre interest in death and execution. I’m also watching a documentary called “Into the Abyss”, about a death row prisoner. In the past few days I’ve read about Scientology, Dr Who’s previous assistants, an investigation into a plane crash to do with fuel freezing and Michael Elphick (he had nothing to do with the plane crash). Were all going to die eventually, I just like to be well informed before I get there.

iPhone 5 launched today. Nothing too exciting, but they will sell shit loads of course.

Right, now to peruse coffins…

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