So things could possibly be looking up work wise

Ok, can’t say anything at the moment, but there may very well be the chance of some job security coming up, which in this industry is pretty unheard of. More on that next week perhaps.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing more tree stuff, moved on to the octree today, although haven’t fully tested it yet.

Couldn’t sleep last night, ended up getting up, drinking a bottle of wine and talking to Al till 5AM. Problem with that is I woke up feeling like utter shit.

New cleaner started, broke a glass, but it’s early days.

Went to gym, even though I said I wouldn’t on a Tuesday, but just felt like it and it was only for half an hour.

Not a great deal else done, walked the dog, it rained again. Ate salad. Want to look at a new bathroom perhaps if work deal comes off. That will be nice rather than spending more money on another bloody holiday.

My left eye really hurts for no apparent reason, like I’ve been punched in it. Probably a tumor, need to look up funeral plans.

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