I whipped the top off, all looked fine to me

So looked into a release build issue on Android, Java functions were vanishing when being called from C++, turned out to be proguard causing them to be scrambled. Then spent the rest of the day finishing off my tcp/ip implementation. All done and tested and running on iOS, Android and PC.

Walked the dog. Then curiosity got the better of me so I got some thin screwdrivers out and prized off the heating timer cover. To my disappointment it all appeared to be wired correctly. Also my initial guess that the yellow wire of one of the four cores was connected directly to the boiler was correct, so the pump overrun cable was all fine. So it looks like the timer is buggered and the heat output is always live, basically the relay is shot. I need to test this more and also test that the 3 port and the tank stat are working correctly as well. If the timer is gone then I may very well replace it with on in the airing cupboard to get it out of the kitchen. If possible then I can hopefully run a wire from the old timer position direct to the boiler and I can then use this as the pump overrun and switched live and get rid of the new cable I put in. I’ll then put a blank over it all. Hopefully that will then solve all the remaining problems.

Went to gym. Ate salad. Still haven’t put the Christmas tree up. But have bought the Christmas Radio Times.

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