And then we had Chinese

Well, the day started off well, I slept quite a lot. Dog went out for a crap then politely went back to sleep. Had breakfast and a coffee to kickstart the system. After multiple showers we headed out (me and the dog that is). Thankfully we choose the only hour where it didn’t piss down continuously. Lisa came round and did the cleaning, I reminder her that we were coming round in the evening, thanks to everyones great lack of communication skills nobody actually remembered. So after I finished my mother (well finally setting up her laptop for her email) we ended up going to Lisa’s and having a chinese. Jamie spent most of the evening asleep. So I’m now updating this blog here on Lisa’s laptop while for some reason watching fucking Elton John and Keekie Dee on the TV. There is a good reason why Lisa never broke into the charts. They are going camping next week for a holiday. Sorry, any type of holiday where you carry around your own washing up is not a holiday. Quote of the evening from Lisa, ‘I want a pair of dungerees’.

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