And then my legs stopped working

Spent the day not working on Android. Was actually working on updates for the released mobile game. Couple of little bits to fix and tidy up. Beyond that I cannot say anymore.

We now have a Wii U. Well, we now have a Wii U in a box, it will probably stay there for quite a while.

Walked the dog. She had a good walk. For me though I’m completely knackered, working on this game recently has really taken it out of me physically and mentally. I just can’t face going to the gym this evening, my legs do physically hurt quite badly. I think I’ll have a bath and an early night. I don’t feel ill, just tired. It’s because I’m old.

Tomorrow the dog is off to day care, so very early start.

Oh, Jamie finished off the wedding album, so that’s finally been ordered.

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