pfSense – when is a bridge not a bridge

Started the day with far too many postman and couriers turning up. Why can’t Jamie get his arse out of bed for once. My new sunglasses turned up anyway, they look cool. Lost another pound in weight, that’s 10 pounds now, keep it up for the holiday.

Been working on mobile game which made a nice change, finished the bulk of it by lunchtime, so moved back to the M4A codec thing. I’ve managed to produce an M4A file, it just doesn’t play, but the binary is close, so I guess it’s getting there. And avoided most conversations about anti-aliasing.

So started back on pfSense again. Got the new ethernet modem out. That actually had a later firmware on than available on the support site, which makes a change. Modem worked fine, unlike pfSense.

Spent a couple of hours buggering about with it, managed to get normal routing to work eventually. Couldn’t get a peep out of the server though. Went to gym, ran lots. Came back and gave it another couple of hours. By the look of it, bridges confuse it. Especially if you have the same interface bridged twice. In the end I couldn’t get DHCP on the server or anything. I think what I’ll have to do is delete it all down and start again one step at a time from scratch, with multiple reboots in between. Anyway, it’ll keep me busy and off the wine for a few more evenings I’m sure.

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