So had an odd job on today. Well, I say ‘job’ but I wasn’t being paid for it. Jamie (ex.) wanted some advice about mixing some vocals. I just said use a 1176 to chop the peeks followed by an LA-2A to ride it, then chop at about 200Hz as a starting point. I’m disappointed when people don’t follow. So he sent me the stems.

So for reference I processed them all in RX10, did basic noise removal and de-reverb, then did some breath removal. The lead vocal I then put in Melodyne and tuned to E major. Then in Ableton I did some more breath removal, followed by a ‘de-click’. Feeding that into Pro-DS (de-esser), followed by an 1176 and LA-2A. Bit of Pro-Q3 EQ, dynamic on 200Hz and give it some top end. Fed into Oaksound Sooth2 to remove resonances. Bit more EQ. Added some tape slap-back and a tiny bit of Phoenix-verb (reverb). For the harmonies I did a basic de-breath, de-esser and 1176, LA-2A combo. I then used ‘Little Alter Boy’ to add a 5th harmony and then ‘Little Microshift’ to give some width. All harmonies were grouped and then a bus compressor. This group then had trackspacer side-chained to the lead vocal to carve out the EQ. The music track I did a bit of EQ on and then track-spaced to the group containing all the vocals (this also had a bus compressor on it). Finally I put Pro-L (limiter) on the master bus.

Not sure why he couldn’t do this, simples.

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