Dodged a bullet

So I’ve now got to Saturday and failed to come down with anything. Much to be said by spraying vast amounts of chemicals up your nose. I did a fifteen mile walk as well as walking the dogs. Got back and immersed myself in a bash script. The object of the exercise was to produce a script that could upload a file to a ftp server. First issue was said server requires an SSH public / private key to validate. To be fair after a bit of Googling this wasn’t much of an issue. Producing a batch file to do this, again wasn’t a problem. Validating the file was there however turned out to be a challenge. There wasn’t any response to say that ‘file is uploaded’. So ended up with with a very interesting combination of ‘sed’ pipes to list the directory entry to a file to get it’s size. So validated the upload by comparing file sizes in a file containing the file size. Still. It was a night in.

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