Another one over, brief reality break

So I put on 4.3Kg which as a percentage of my body weight is quite staggering. Still, I now have six weeks to lose it all again. Decided to take a slightly different strategy, I don’t think it’s worth continuing with this ‘four days not drinking’ thing as all that’s happening is I’m not sleeping for four days. In Gran Canaria I slept great, although woke up with a bit of a head. So now I’m doing the trading game, I have to keep within a certain calorie range in MyFitnessPal. So the more exercise you do the more calories you have to spare, these can then be used on alcohol, may sound daft but there is a physical limit to how much exercise you can do and what you can eat, I’me very good with limits. Lets see how it goes over this week, I think going from what I was drinking in GC to zero would probably be very dangerous anyway.

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