Religion is just a cult that’s gone mainstream

So back to some form of normality. No more worries, I guess.

So lets think about this. If you have one person who believes in something and then another one, and then a few more, you are then known as a cult. But at what point does it go from being a niece product to being a religion? A hundred people, a thousand, ten thousand? Or is it time based? If you believe something for long enough then it becomes an acceptable religion and also tax deductible.

It’s interesting to see that Christianity is dyeing out in the western world, but they are gaining followers in emerging countries, is this because westerners are becoming wise? If you want to gain power then first you take over the weak.

And lets not forget the branch that think Jesus took a Ryan Air flight to Utah.

I did the Alpha course, surprising may be. Hmmm, need to discuss that in more detail I think.

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