Once more, the sun has finally arisen

While I was on holiday a piece of paper turned up. Fairly ordinary looking but contains the signature of a judge. This is the final piece of paperwork. That brings to a close around twenty-seven months of turmoil. One signature.

It took a couple of days to actually settle in. But today, while out walking the dogs, in the rain, the sun finally rose. It’s all over. About 90% of my anxiety suddenly lifted.

If we’d actually waited for two years to be separated we would have only started proceedings about three weeks ago. Thankfully, ‘finding God’, is perfectly good grounds for ‘unreasonable behaviour’. I think I made the right decision at the time and to be honest I don’t think he regrets it either as its allowed us both to eventually move on far quicker. I can’t imagine now waiting almost another year, possibly longer, for due process.

There is still some potentially unfinished business. But for the moment I’ll just let it lie. After all you never know when it’s going to be raining again.

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