Oh, what a perfect day

Today was a bit odd. Mainly as I enjoyed it. All of it. That hasn’t happened in a long long time. Started this morning feeling fine, not great, just fine. Had breakfast, sorted out the dogs, had coffee. Had a massive poo, blood on the loo roll, but seems external, I do enjoy scratching my sphincter. Walk to gym, did Combat. Okay, I didn’t put in a massive effort. Walked home. Bought a couple of helicopter related things on the app store. Quickly walked Sasha. Got picked up by my yellow friend (as in Team Instinct, nothing racist here please) Mia. Oddly who’s surname is ‘Man’. Drove to Staverton. We had a lovely flight across the Malvern’s for an hour in almost perfect weather conditions with no wind. Came back home. Took Sasha out again. Met up with Mia again and a few people to knock out a Pokemon gym. Did the accounts and had a bath. Really enjoyed today. No idea why. Just everything seemed ‘nice’. I need more ‘nice’ days.

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