May be I’m not too old for a new country

Tonights blog is mainly censored by request, but I’m still mighty unimpressed.

Started this morning with coffee and cereal, no problem there. Then proceeded with a three hour dog walk. I enjoyed it, Sasha put up no complaints.

Had a small amount of fruitcake for lunch, perfect Alison, thank you.

Sent an email to the Amazon recruiter who has been headhunting me for months, saying I’m very old and that I don’t have a degree. She responded within eight minutes saying that it wasn’t important and they’d still love to talk to me. It’s a complete move to California including two dogs, no problem as far as they are concerned.

Jamie and I ate out. I’m in the spare room again, this is for operational reasons only. I’m forty-five this year, do I really want to move to the states? Well it’s beats a one way ticket to Dignitas I guess.

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