I’ll skip the ‘Special Brew’, thanks mate

Spent the night in the spare room as Jamie was snoring like a train. Previous night we both had a tickle in our throats. I jammed about thirty quids worth of chemicals up my nose and Jamie did nothing. Today I’m fine and Jamie has a stinking cold. Colds are beatable, you just have to time it right. Didn’t manage to get a paper yesterday so got out of bed fairly early. Walked Sasha and then headed into town. Nothing memorable button the way back I was standing around twitting with my phone and a homeless guy came up to me, I thought he was about to ask for money but no…..’Alright mate’, then he offered me his can of Special Brew, do I really look that bad? Stopped off at B&Q, bought paint, bedroom is going to be a sort of piss yellow white. On the way out of B&Q carpark I managed to completely twat a bollard in the middle of the road that I just didn’t see at all, all I heard was a scraping and the car flying into the air. Thankfully apart from the plastic bumper thing that’s far too low and now has another scrape out of it, it’s built like a tank, so took it all very much in its stride. Mind you I was only doing about ten mile an hour and it probably thought it was just another speed bump. Not that cars can think, pretty much like the driver at the time. So another night in the spare room as Jamie starts working at 4AM. I’ve even changed the sheets in there. I’ll be in there again tomorrow as well, not just because Jamie will sound like a stomach and flu ward, but it will stink of paint.

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