You may be underpowered and overpriced, but you’re still a thing of beauty

Didn’t have a great nights sleep, still work up and had coffee and breakfast for three. Started the iMac screen calibration using the spyder. Then went down and fixed the car glove box which had broke (the damper thing had come apart). By the time I’d done that the screen was perfectly calibrated, it’s quite significant the difference it makes. I then headed out to find a Geocache I couldn’t find last time, found it this time. Came back and had a light lunch. Then spent the next few hours editing a video. This iMac is certainly a lot faster than the old one but is suffering from lack of memory at the moment. Took Sasha out for a walk. Transferred the wine, attempted to descale the coffee machine, but appeared to have buggered that up at the moment. Yes, very pleased with this machine, about double the price it should be, but I wouldn’t ever look at my mega PC and think ‘that looks beautiful’, this on the other hand, is a work of art.

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