At least I fixed the most important thing, the coffee machine

Started the morning still with the bizarre issue of the coffee machine not completing its scaling cycle. Thankfully it still worked anyway. I had a plan for work today, and it being a Monday of course none of it actually worked. By ten thirty at night it still wasn’t all working correctly. Plus there were a load of other issues as well. Nice day, walked Sasha, walked to gym. Laverene was obviously still dying of old age so Nick did it instead. He choose an interesting mix of music, it was all special for a good reason, you could distinctly hear the beats on all tracks which means he didn’t lose timing. Okay, may be a couple of times.

I did solve the coffee machine issue. It was actually the water sensor playing up. I should have realised earlier that it was using all the water and then coming up with a temperature error. I did a lot of Googling and found that it was caused by the sensor being wet. So lots of towelling later it was all working again. We live for another day, with coffee.

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