Well Jamie finally flew with me and actually quite enjoyed it

So started this morning early as I wanted to get about four hours in before we set off. We headed off to Staverton and arrived at about half twelve. Ben had already fuelled the aircraft and we were pretty much only one gallon away from busting the max weight limit. Jamie was very surprised at just how damn small the thing was. He was more surprised when he had to cram himself in it. To say you get intimate with your passenger is an understatement. Went through all the startup checks, did the radio call and we picked up. He wasn’t overly keen on that bit, its a very strange phenomenon if you hadn’t experienced it hundreds of times before. We went down the taxi way and took off directly to the south. He then said, ‘This is really cool’. So I think I won him over. The journey to Lucknam Park was pleasant and uneventful. Visibility was a bit crap to be honest, a bit hazy and some low cloud. But on approach to Colerne the sun was out and it was a very straightforward straight in landing. I stopped on the helipad and a golf buggy came to pick us up. We had a lovely poncy lunch at the brasserie. Crab starter to share and then I had the fish of the day (Hake). I mentioned it was Jamie’s birthday and a lovely platter of toasted marshmallows arrived. We got a buggy back to the chopper and took off directly to the south. Due to a NOTAM we were restricted on our route back, so I headed over to the estuary and tracked back up the M5. Landed back at Gloucester and drove back to Bristol. I think it was a successful day.

Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home, picked up a paper. Met Phil down at the Holly Trinity Church and took out a mystic gym. Now I have an appointment with Alan Sugar.

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