Twenty-three to go

So started this morning breakfast and coffee. Walked Sasha, tried to get out of the midday sun. I’ve had so much factor fifty on my left arm it’s probably doubled its value. Oddly did some work for an hour and a half, had to prepare an analysis which I did, which is already being moaned about. My own time well spent as usual. Did the accounts, had lunch and then headed out. Spent over an hour in Queens Square looking for a certain Pokemon, managed a whole two of them. Found a few other interesting ones around town though. Nice afternoon I guess. Finally got enough Magicarps to evolve. This evening I sat down and threw a lucky egg and did an evolving session. I now only have twenty-three entries to fill in my Pokedex. Okay, there are 146 but three are not available in the UK.

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting and life altering day. As I’m spiralling towards death at a hell of a rate of knots, no time to regret anything, plus at the end of the day, I am a bit of a showoff.

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