It was mildly irritating, like talking to mother

Started very early this morning. Had breakfast and coffee so I could fire up the bowels. All went according to plan, fully excavated. Drove down and parked closed to Gloucester Road. Walked down to Ben Boston’s place, arrived half an hour early. Ben was already there setting up. I waited on the couch. Called in on time, well, I say in, but really its just the other side of a partition. Asked to stand side on, he sat in a chair and started work with a Sharpie. Twenty minutes later and he was done. Took my original design that Rob did and transformed it into a masterpiece. Got the Suspension Bridge and balloons in as well. I had a pee break and then we got started. Well he did, I just sat there. It was an odd sensation, not what I was expecting at all, wouldn’t say it was painful, a couple of places tinged a bit. Took about an hour to do the outline, even managed to get in the Severn Tunnel. Had a short break and then he cracked on for four hours in total. Reckons there is another three hours to do. Came back home and went back to work, so got a good half day in. Walked Sasha.

Here’s the result:





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