Three lots of metal detectors to get on a coaster, you are taking the piss

So we managed to start fairly early for us and drive over to Universal. Parked up and joined large queue for metal detector, managed to bypass that one and then joined another large queue for another metal detector. Finally got on to ‘City Walk’ and then got our tickets. Managed to get into ‘Studios’ park, we did the Transformers 3D ride which was very good, Mummy Returns, which was okay and the Simpsons. We then did the new Gringots train which was excellent in lots of ways and then took the Hogwarts Express over to the other park. We had lunch and then did Spiderman 3D which is showing its age now against the Transformers ride. Jurassic Park water ride and then the heavens opened, we managed to get on the Harry Potter ride before the storm, afterwards we ended up stood in a cafe for an hour waiting for the Dragon coaster to open. It finally did. All my stuff is in zipped pockets, yet we had to go through yet another metal detector to get on a bloody coaster, so had to dump all stuff in a locker and rejoin the queue. I’ve never come across something so bloody ludicrous, you have less security in airports. The coaster wasn’t even that good. Drove home via Walmart and picked up a few bits. Last night we ate at ‘Bongo’s’, which was a very nice Cuban restaurant, very good food and cocktails.

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