I remember it differently when I was a kid….

So we got in the car and drove to Busch gardens. As soon as we arrived a storm started and we ended up in a shelter with about 200 screaming kids eating packed lunches. We were going to go back to the hotel, but it was pissing down and they stopped the carpark transport. Thankfully after an hour it all dried up and everything started to open again. We queued for ‘Cheetah Hunt’, which was a really good coaster, did ‘Montu’ which I still reckon is the best coaster in the world and then we did the train ride around the animals. There were only two more coasters and we were done, we did ‘Cheetah Hunt’ and ‘Montu’ one more time. Always thought there was a lot more here, guess my memory is clouded and perhaps mixing it up with another park. We ate at an Italian in Disney Studios and stayed there until it closed.

So yesterday was a bit different. You know everyone has the famous ‘bucket list’, and one thing that’s always on it is ‘swim with dolphins’, well, I think it was pretty much the last item on mine as I think the hot sex with Adam Rickitt is not going to happen, he keeps bouncing me emails. So anyway, we drove to ‘Discovery Cove’ which is only a few miles away and checked in. It was then quickly time for my ‘Dolphin swim’. I donned a wetsuit and joined the group. We were led into the water and met a baby dolphin female who was one. Cute as anything. She made sounds on command and gave ‘dolphin kisses’. We then met a twenty year-old male who was just massive, he gave ‘dolphin rides’ which was a fantastic experience. The whole thing was over quickly. We then spent the rest of the day lounging around. I managed to lose my sunglasses which was rather annoying, I’d already scratched the lens one side anyway, so maybe time for a new pair of Oakley’s. Last night we went to Epcot and went on test track to use one of our three free fast passes. We then turned up to our dinner reservation over half-hour late. Still, we had a very nice Mexican. We then took the monorail to Magic Kingdom and stayed there until midnight.

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