Thinking about getting my mother tattooed on my arse, so she can kiss it for the rest of my life

Started work on time, although only managed half an hour before I had to drive Jamie to the tattooists. Then spent the next three hours being a videographer to a ‘Sonic Show’ tattoo. It looks like a transfer. Got is he squeamish. I made a good job of the filming, Cat made a good job of the tattoo. Jamie made a good job of screaming and holding his stomach in. Drove back and cracked straight on with work. Annoying thing was that my Apple Watch was delivered while we were out. But, thankfully it was the usual UPS man and he called again much later in the day, I like him, much appreciated. So now have my new Apple Watch. It’s sat in the box (a box which will shortly be available), I’m going to open it and have a play around with it tomorrow. Walked to the gym, did Pump and walked home, thankfully it stayed dry. Did a tad more work as I really needed to catch up. Then did the dishes. Now waiting for pizza. Thinking about my next tattoo, maybe mother on my buttock. I can then sit on her and she’ll have to deal with all my shit for once.

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