So Leonardo said he was gay

Was in a kind of school field and Leonardo Dicaprio turned up. We got chatting. We’d met before of course. Then he turned round and said, ‘Doesn’t matter as I’m gay anyway’. Then I went to do Body Pump in the school hall. But Trudie had a problem with the music. It kept cutting out after thirty seconds. I had a look at her iPad, it was due to it having an intermittent internet connection. I managed to solve that. But we couldn’t do the Pump class as there were many people suddenly installing large tables and table cloths ready for a wedding. Then I woke up covered in cum. Then I woke up again. God I’m loving these new pills already. It’s like Citralopram without the sweats. I’m really looking forward to the point I wake up during the night screaming that I’m being attacked by a zombie. The rest of the day was pretty dull to be honest. Walked Sasha. Drove into town. Parked far too close to it. Forgot my phone. Went round some shops. Came home and built lego. Bah, can’t complain. Installed my new Apple Watch. Will take some getting used to. Fun day.

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