The final 100Km

So yesterday I started as I like to start weekends, coffee and the paper. Finally got up and walked Sasha. Then I dived off to Tesco and had a look at the iPad Mini and finally to Tesco’s to look at a couple of TV’s. Got back and Mark soon arrived. We shot the breeze and I ate salad. Shaun and Connor turned up and we headed to Staverton. I did all the paper work and we headed down to G-JKAY. Startup was fine, but the pickup was fairly awful, by God was that aircraft heavy, it felt very out of balance. I got it into the hover though and taxied to x-ray. I had to drop down to an in-ground hover as I was over the power limit. We got clearance and I chucked it out of heli-north. Now thankfully we were well within limits and it was handling fine. I flew down to Tewkesbury and then around the back of it back to the airport. Good landing to the hover and taxied back to the fuel bay. I think if I managed that on near enough the absolute limits I could manage anything. Went to pub that evening, drank much beer.

Sunday I decided to catch up on my sleep, so didn’t get up too early. Walked Sasha and then descended into town. I’ve got less than 100Km to walk now to reach my 1000Km goal on Pokemon Go. Did a home check for a dog. Came home and had an existential crises about exceeding power limits. Text Ben. Ben replies I was fine. Text Ben back. Ben phones. Crises averted. Had bath. Making food. Good weekend.

I learned a lot about myself this weekend. When faced with the possibility of ‘the end’, it was well within my limits to control it and get on top of it. When the calculations were done again, we were actually just inside the limits, but just close enough to the edge for it to become ‘challenging’. Next time I take that aircraft up, it will only contain Japanese school girls who are bulimic.

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