So I was almost mown down twice today

Work was hyper dull, but at least the task I’d spent the last seventy odd hours on is finished now. Walked Sasha. Now at the traffic lights on the A38, pushed the button, the green man lit up, I walked across two lanes of traffic which had correctly stopped. Now I’m always wary of wankers…..about to cross lane three and an estate car ploughs clean through the red light at 40MPH. Misses Sasha (who was on a very short lead as I don’t trust anyone) by about a foot. The sound of car horns was obscene, everyone saw this guy charging up the inside lane and knew he wasn’t going to stop. If I hadn’t had the dog with me I would have chased after him at the roundabout lights and beat the living shit out of him, mainly for my own amusement. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home, crossing the main road by the little Tesco up here. Zebra crossing. Started to walk across, a woman then decided that she wasn’t going to stop and went so far to the left that she actually mounted the kerb to get round me. I’m sure drivers are getting worse. I’d much rather fly that drive, at least to get a pilots license you need some common sense and a bit of skill, it seems anyone with forty quid can get a driving license these days, although I suspect that there is a good percentage of people who drive and don’t even have that.

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