Speed camera van outside of a school, whatever next

Today has been hellish on a work front, fucking long and fucking hard, I’m absolutely shattered. Spent all day tracing a timing bug causing a rather interesting flicker, found it in the end. Now on one which is causing a crash in completely unknown code and it’s now 11PM and it still doesn’t work and it needs to be finished as I’m well behind.

Walked the dogs with Jamie, while we were going down the road round the corner we spotted a speed camera van. It was parked in a lay-by, right outside a school, just before ‘picking up time’. Whats more fun is just before it was one of those flashing speed signs which tell you how fast you are going. I did enjoy every car coming past that went above 33 MPH. Now why don’t they do this outside every school rather than on random A roads in the middle of nowhere.

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