So Standard Life appear to be efficient – so far

So yesterday was all about food and drink, a lot of both were consumed. Very nice lunch at The Swan, great evening with my sister later.

So I decided to work today in thinking that I would not be disturbed and magically I wasn’t. So everything I’ve been thinking about since Thursday I implemented, tested and checked in. Only one minor moan from an artist and I even managed to sort him out as well. Walked Sasha, weather wasn’t too bad lunchtime. Took a short break early evening to walk down to a new Geocache, found someone there already signing the log, so always nice to meet a fellow cacher. Came back and did a bit more work and then finished quite early. Had a quick shower and downloaded my new FCPX plug-ins, I’ll need to look at the tutorial videos for them really. Gave Standard Life a call, didn’t think anyone would be there but answered straight away, looks like pension has been setup, but money is still currently in my bank account. So quite pleased with them so far. So normality will resume tomorrow and everyone will be annoying me again.

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